Robert John Entertainment was started to help consult, produce and fund spirit led movies, books, videos, media projects, music concerts and outreaches. Part of the funding will help to continue to build basketball courts in Gulu Uganda with World Embrace.

Some of Robert John's achievements include becoming the all-time leading scorer at his high school in basketball, the first basketball college scholarship player out of his high school league and his high school basketball playing number retired.

In the entertainment industry the CBS morning show featured Robert in a fitness segment. He worked with Alfred Dunhill, Hong Kong and Reebok on runway. Numerous national and international advertisements and magazines have spotlighted him throughout his career. Some of the magazines included People, Glamour, Esquire, GQ, InStyle and advertisements with Pepsi and NASCAR.

Robert John was also on the second team of the Cast Away movie set and rehearsed with 3 Academy Award winners Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt under the direction of Robert Zemackus.  

Robert John has given over 5000 free copies of his book "The Catwalk to Christ" into the entertainment industry, juvenile facilities (, adult prisons, churches, the athletic community and beyond. If you would like a free copy of the book or would like to share the story? Please go to and click on free on-line pdf. 

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